To fill the actors’ and singers’ lengthy periods of “unemployment”, the ingenious theater director, Max Reinhardt, had the ambitious plan to have his summer performances played in Salzburg by the best professionals in all of Europe.
As a result he attained a supreme artistic level of performance and the world suddenly found it a matter of course to meet in Salzburg during the summer. In addition to Reinhardt, two other renowned masters were responsible for the birth of the Salzburg Festival: the composer Richard Strauss and the poet Hugo von Hofmannsthal. In the following 75 years the Salzburg Festival has developed into an internationally recognised theatrical institution. From the latter part of July until the end of August approximately 170 performances are given for some 220,000 spectators. In addition to the great classical operas and dramas, the notable work of our century is presented each year. The musical productions perform a mixture of great works from our cultural heritage and outstanding contemporary music.

Salzburg (‘Salt Fortress’) well known as the birthplace of the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756) is also internationally renowned for its “Old Town” beautiful baroque architecture, named one of the best preserved cities of the northern Alps. The setting is almost fairytale, situated on the Salzach river nestled in the valley with the Alpine mountains in the background creating a stunning backdrop to this medieval city. A sight to behold, Festung Hohensalzburg. Europe’s grandest intact fortress, overlooking the whole valley creating a dramatic backdrop as well as offering amazing views over the city.

The best way to experience Salzburg is by foot, taking your time to stroll around the streets, exploring. Especially during the popular Salzburg festival, the city will come to life. Streets will be buzzing with great atmosphere, while stunning performances will take place in different venues around the city.

Salzburg Festival, a special way to experience the magical picturesque city of Salzburg!

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